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  • S-23 is available and in stock

    S-23 powder is in stock. S-23 is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It binds to the androgen receptor more strongly than older SARMs such as andarine.

  • Holiday Notice of the National Day

    The first day of October every year is our National Day. People will have a 7-day holiday off the work. It will be 8 days this year since the Mid-autumn Festival will come together. So we will be off work from Oct.1st to Oct.8 and the orders during this period will be arranged for shipping as soon as possible after the holiday.   Sincerely, anabolicraw

  • Chinese New Year

    There is lunar calendar in Chinese tradition besides solar calendar. The last day of the year in lunar calendar is our New Year’s Eve and people get together with the family and have a big dinner to celebrate the “old year” as well as to greet the new year. For this reason, our people have a longer holiday for Chinese traditional New Year Festival every year. The 2016 Chinese New Year’s Eve will come on Jan.27, 2017. There will be no shipping service from Jan.21 to Feb.3.  If you need to get some items recently, please do it before the holiday starts. Thanks again to all guys there.

  • New Year Holiday Notice

    Hello everyone, many thanks for the support on our business. The year is approaching to the end. New Year is coming. We will have a short holiday from Dec.31, 2016 to Jan.2, 2017. People will be off work the orders will be a little delay in shipping during this period. Please be advised. We will still do our best to offer good products and service in the new year. Looking forward to continuous cooperation.   Whole heartedly thanks. Anabolic Raws

  • Don’t Miss the Christmas Gifts!

    Christmas is coming near and near. Many clients may have a long holiday for it. Do you need to get some products before the holiday? To meet this demand, we push out a new promotion which will last to Dec.26. 100g test cypionate or other products with same value will be offered for free if the order amount is up to USD1000. 200g test cypionate or other products with same value will be offered for free if the order amount is up to USD1500. More gifts for larger order!