Masteron 100mg/ml

Masteron 100mg/ml

Common recipe for 100ml of masteron at 100mg/ml
10g masteron powder
2ml BA
20ml BB
the rest oil (or 35ml EO and the rest oil to make it pain free)


Use and dosages:

Masteron is mostly used as a cutting steroid to give an added hardness and definition to the musculature before competition.

Masteron is a perfect stacking agent. It can be cycled together with winstrol, Primobolan, or anavar for cutting purposed. The muscle gains will be of outstanding quality without water retention or fat gains.

Masteron can be also used in bulking cycles with Dianabol or injectable testosterone. This stack will help build higher quality muscles with less estrogenic effects.

The average weekly dosage of masteron for male athletes is 300-400 mgs per week, with experienced bodybuilders using up to 500-600 mgs weekly. And it is commonly injected every other day.

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