Mebolazine Prohormone Raw Powder Dymethazine Generate Anabolic Effects


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Mebolazine is a synthetic derivative of testosterone that may bind to the androgen receptor and produce androgenic and anabolic activity.

Mebolazine has been used in a variety of clinical applications to address hypoandrogenic symptoms and to generate anabolic effects; however, it carries a potential for abuse.


Basic information of Mebolazine:

Synonyms: Diarethyl, Dimetazin, Dimetina, Dostalon, Roxilon, Dimethazine, D-Zine
CAS register number: 3625-07-8
Molecular formula: C42H68N2O2
Molecular weight: 633.011
Assay: 99% min
Appearance: white powder


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