Methylstenbolone Msten Powder

Methylstenbolone can promotes massive lean muscle gains.

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Synonyms: Methyl Sten, Msten, M-sten

Methylstenbolone is a type of prohormone derived from Dihydrotestosterone that is formulated to increase strength, size and mass gains.

Methylstenbolone is considered as the safer and more user-friendly alternative to Superdrol. It is fast-acting and users can already see results after a couple of weeks or so.

Lean muscle gains up to 25 pounds in the span of 4 weeks have been logged for this compound. This prohormone has become quite an icon in the bodybuilding world for its ability to promote serious mass.


The dose and cycle of Methylstenbolone:

Methylstenbolone should be taken from small dose in order to reduce the side effects as possible.

For Methylstenbolone newbies:

Week 1: 4 to 8mg daily with liver support

Weeks 2 and 3: 8mg daily with liver support

Weeks 4 to 8: Liver support and PCT plan

For experienced Methylstenbolone users:

Week 1: 4 to 8mg daily with liver support

Weeks 2 and 3: 8 to 12mg daily with liver support

Week 4: 12 to 16mg daily with liver support

Weeks 5 to 9: Liver support and PCT plan

Adequately planning the pre, during and post cycle is crucial when it comes to considerably reducing the side effects of Methylstenbolone usage.


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