Proviron (Mesterolone)

Proviron has the ability to keep the body from turning testosterone into estrogen.


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Proviron (Mesterolone)

Proviron is an oral DHT steroid compound similar to Masteron.

Proviron is helpful in stacks because of its unique ability to keep the body from turning testosterone into estrogen, thus giving the testosterone a better anabolic effect. This aids the bodybuilder in many ways.

First, Proviron helps reduce estrogenic side effects of other steroids water-retention, lowered sex drive, gynocomastia, etc.

Also, Proviron can help boost the potency of testosterone in the body by freeing testosterone from its binding to SHBG.


Proviron’s dose and cycle:

Proviron is not very liver toxic and it can be used for extended periods of time. 25mg per day may be enough if Proviron is used simply as a quasi-anti-estrogen medication and 50mg per day will be needed if the cycle contains a high dosing of aromatizing steroids.

For those who are supplementing for additional beneficial purposes higher doses may be needed. 50mg will provide solid effects.

For the individual who supplements for the purpose of bridging, a rather common purpose of Proviron use, doses will necessarily be much higher as 100mg-150mg per day if the individual is going to obtain the desired effect and benefits. Total use will normally last between 8-12 weeks.


Basic information of Mesterolone:
CAS No.:1424-00-6
Molecular formula: C20H32O2
Molecular weight:304.47
EINECS: 215-836-3
Assay: 99% min
Appearance: white to off-white crystalline powder


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