Testosterone Decanoate

Testosterone Decanoate Steroid Compound of Sustanon.

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Testosterone Decanoate
Sustanon 250 ingredient

Testosterone Decanoate is available under the name Neotest 250 . Most people will have used testosterone with this ester in the popular testosterone blend Sustanon 250, so it’s far from something new on the market. It’s just never been offered outside of a blend until a few years ago.

Basically, like all forms of esterfied testosterone, what we’re looking at is the parent hormone bound to a fatty acid (the ester) to delay its release into the body. With regards to the decanoate ester, this gives us a nice long active life in the body, and there’s no reason to inject this more than once every week.


Basic information of Testosterone Decanoate:
CAS No.: 5721-91-5
Chemical Formula: C29H46O3
Molecular weight: 442.67
EINECS: 227-226-4
Description: white or yellow white crystalline powder


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